Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Ultimate Gift (Commentary)

My Commentary on The Ultimate Gift was just posted today on Hollywood Click here ---->X to check it out! Hope you agree...either way post a comment if you like.

You can also click on the picture above to get to it. The code in the banner can be used when you buy your tickets online (ie Fandango). If you punch in that code Family Care Network will receive $1 per ticket. Thanks.

Friday, March 09, 2007

The Ultimate Gift (Preview)

I have a confession: I like Tom Cruise movies. Yes, he seems to play the same character in most of his movies. He is usually the jerk that learns a lesson, turns his life around, and treats those he loves way better.

I'm a sucker for those kinds of movies, which is exactly why I'm going to try to go see The Ultimate Gift. I say try because it has a limited release and my guess is it won't get to my neck of the woods in Central California.

But the trailers have very much interested me in the theme of a spoiled boy in a man's body who learns there is more to life than just living for himself. It looks like his grandfather posthumously initiates him into manhood with some hoops to jump through. These hoops teach him hard work and selfless giving.

In my limited experience, I realize that we as a culture here in the United States worship youth, which has spawned a generation of children in adult bodies. One author used the term suspended adolescence to describe a generation of people, especially men, who do not want to grow up... take responsibility, or have a sense of duty.

I look forward to watching The Ultimate Gift, if available within twenty miles of me. I hope it will be a masterpiece of Tom Cruisian proportions.

If you are as interested as I am go to the link in the pic above and enter the promo code at whatever online ticket agency they send you to (ie Fandango). Unfortunately that doesn't get you a discount but it will give $1 for every ticket you buy to The Family Care Network.

Also, look for my review of this movie (hopefully this weekend) at Hollywood Jesus.