Friday, November 21, 2008

Adoption the Wild Goose Chase - Intro

I once read that the Celtic Christians of St. Patrick's day referred to the Holy Spirit as a Wild Goose. I thought how irreverent! Researching a bit further I realized it was because they felt following Him was an adventure, just like trying to follow wild geese is. They never knew where He was going to take them, but it was always fun, difficult, unsettling, and rewarding all at the same time.

That analogy has resonated with me ever since. I look at a flock of wild geese and wonder, "Where are they going?" and right after that think, "Wouldn't it be cool to find out?" That parrallels my thoughts on God, specifically the Holy Spirit's leading. I often think the same two thoughts, whether it be my family life, job/career, or ministry calling. 

Where is the Holy Spirit going and/or taking me? Man I can't wait to find out!

This series of entries, Adoption the Wild Goose Chase, will chronicle my families' adventure to follow the Holy Spirit's leading towards adoption. We have no idea where it's going, honestly, so many thoughts run through our heads; private adoption, fost/adopt, holding a sign out front of Planned Parenthood/Abortion Clinic reading: Don't Abort we'll Adopt! Heck it could lead nowhere.

I hope you'll join us on our journey, but first a bit of background. If you've been following the Beauty and the Beast: The Linda and Patrick Story series you know that Linda and I have been married almost 15 years and together almost 20. 

Early on we weren't sure if Linda could have babies, due to some health problems. I remember
 maybe even as early as 2 years into our courtship, we were open, maybe even called, to adopt. I definitely remember talking about it a great deal during our pre-marital counseling. 

We got hitched in 1994, but didn't feel ready to "multiply and fill the earth" until about 1999. We felt led to try to get pregnant and if it was not happening we'd look into adoption. Well, the Wild Goose, was at work because we got pregnant right first try. Adoption hold number 1

Joshua Patrick, was born to us in March 2000 and even though he is a bit strong willed he is a joy and delight, for a father the first born son is always special and Josh is no exception. His strong will, and the Wild Goose, led us not to propogate again until 4 years later.

That time, it took a few months. We were a bit saddened, but wondered, "Does this mean God wants us to adopt?" The answer came in June 2005, when Jason Travis was born to our family. He too is the apple of my eye. But again Adoption hold number 2, maybe we weren't meant to adopt after all...

Fast forward to 2008, Jason is actually sleeping rather well now and we've somewhat forgotten the fact Linda had stroke like symptons during Jason's gestation (long story). Well, we feel that urge to once again fulfill the blessing God gave us to be fruitful. Thus quite a bit of prayer and conversation have gone on that I can best sum up like this:

Linda: Doesn't this picture look like there's room for at least one more kid.

Me: Are you getting frisky?

Linda: No I'm just saying, it looks like we have room for at least one more.

Me: Hhhmmmm, I seem to remember you having stroke like symptoms last time, maybe we should consider adoption.

Linda: Yeah, we've always felt called to adopt, but I really get sad thinking I won't have no more babies. (I've taken artistic license here, Linda wouldn't be caught dead talking like that.)

Me: Huh, I really think we should look into adoption.

Linda: Maybe, let's keep talking and praying about it.

A few hours later (Again, artisitc license I think it was 24 hours later.)

Me: Ok, so what do you think?

Linda: Let's look into adoption!

Me: Sweet, you still feelin' frisky?

With that our journey has begun, into the adventure of looking into adoption, hopefully ending in an addition to our family (maybe two?). We'll see...

That's the intro, I just wanted to give you some background into how this adventure got started. In Part I, I'll chronicle our look into private adoption vs. Fost/Adopt and where the Wild Goose is taking us next.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sabrina (Centennial Edition)

Linda takes a turn...

CoachZ Lets His Better Half Speak

What we learn in this tale, however, is that Prince Charming isn’t necessarily the road to happily-ever-after. Love might not be what ignites our passion in a worldly sense, but rather what quietly and surprisingly meets our needs.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Tinker Bell

Even Kids Know What's Good and What Isn't

Be proud of the talents that you have been given. Tinkerbell tried to be someone else in the movie, a garden fairy instead of a tinker fairy, and she ruined Spring. She fixed it later, but bad things happen when you try to be someone else.