Saturday, January 12, 2008

Some 2007 Images...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Should I Rent/Netflix it or Buy It?

I get so many screeners now I can't do a full review on all of them. These are some quick announcements that I started doing. Enjoy!

Death Sentence
Sophomoric Violence At Its Finest?
At least there's some hockey in it...

The only things that kept noodling at me to watch this movie were: a) there’s a brief hockey scene, and b) Kevin Bacon and Kelly Preston are in it and they usually have good judgments as far as movie roles. I should have passed.

Love’s Unending Legacy
Now on DVD
Queue for a Cry, Buy if a Fan

The movie is basically a very long Hallmark commercial; you know the ones with the poignant stories and music that can get you crying in less than 30 seconds? The acting, directing, and music make for a great combination worth at least a rental.

Now Available on DVD
Pro: Pure Sci-Fi; Con: Pure Sci-Fi

I didn’t really get this movie. After watching it, I couldn’t sing, “I’ve got Sunshine… on a cloudy day.” If a movie doesn’t make me sing, that’s a bad sign. Maybe it will make you sing, though; let me know.

Wallace & Gromit: Three Amazing Adventures
Now Available on DVD
Great Special Features; a Must for Fans

We get a fair amount of press releases and screeners here at HJ, so I’m writing this column to let you know what is Queue, Rent, or Buy worthy and when it’s going to release. This one is absolutely packed with special features on top of the shorts.