Tuesday, April 24, 2007

DVD Reviews

Hello to anyone that is still reading this blog...I think I have one reader (My beautiful wife Linda).

Anywhoo I've been asked to be the main DVD reviewer for HollywoodJesus.com. So that means I get to view some DVDs before they release. Pretty cool huh? Here are a couple, one is older.

BTW HollywoodJesus will be creating blogs for each of it's writers that will automatically update on the main page...I think as soon as the end of April. So HJ.com might MoveMe...get it?

Thr3e - based on the book by Ted Dekker

Charlotte's Web - it's different from the one I did during the Theatrical Release

I have The Last Sin Eater in hand right now...not sure if I'll review it or if someone else from HJ will...I liked it but it didn't necessarily MoveMe.