Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lost - Season 1

I was out with a friend and he said when was the last time you did a review? It's been awhile that's for sure. Nothing has really MovedMe enough to actually write one...until now.

I've recently become addicted to Lost. It all started so innocently with a trip to the Toyota dealer to get our first oil change on the Sienna. I was reading a Newsweek article on Season 3 coming up and bam...one trip to Hollywood Video and I'm hooked. It took us the better part of that week to finish Season 1 DVDs.

As I'm waiting for the Season 2 DVDs to come out in October I'll be counting it down with reviews on Hollywood Jesus.com. Some of the other writers may be doing them too so come and join us. Here are the details:

Six Week Countdown to Lost Season 2 DVD Release

If you are a huge Lost fan or have been thinking of getting into the television show but haven’t yet this six week countdown is for you!

Join us at Hollywood Jesus as we countdown the release of the Season 2 DVDs, and for that matter the Season 3 Premier the same week. Starting the week of August 21, 2006 we will be watching 1 DVD per week from the Season 1 DVDs and then reviewing them. Stop by the Hollywood Jesus website each day as we could be posting a different review each day. Then visit us in the Talk About It section and comment on the review you just read…do you agree, disagree, etc.

WARNING: It should be obvious but we will be posting spoiler material in these reviews. So watch the DVD of the week first before reading the review(s). By the way, if you are not willing to buy these DVDs do what I do and join a club at your local video retailer or Netflix. These services allow you to pay a monthly rate to rent a bunch of DVDs depending on the price point you choose.

Great now you are ready to join us in the spiritual adventure that is the TV Series: Lost.

We here at HJ believe Lost has is one of the best spiritual shows on television. We can’t wait to hear what you think and feel about this addicting series. Why? Because it unabashedly embraces mystery, argues science vs. faith, traffics in miracles, and above all believes in a grand design--that nothing and no one is an accident.

Come, take the journey with us…we know you won’t be let down.