Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lazy River

This is a portion of the Lazy River at the Timeshare resort my sister and brother in law have. They invited us down and it was quite affordable!

We sat in this river and the pool(s) on the property quite a bit, because it was 110 degrees just about all the time! But it was a dry heat so that makes it better right?

Anyways, as I was floating around on the Lazy River I kept on trying to go with the flow. But then I or Jason would have some other idea and there would be 5-10 minutes of struggling against the flow, interrupted by 2 minutes or so of actually floating.

I started thinking this was a great metaphor for my life. Summed up in one word "Striving". Instead of being still and knowing God is good or putting on his burden for it is light; I tend to strive.

I've been talking quite a bit about my job situation, but it's been such a learning experience. To let go; and let learn so much about selfishness and contentment by no longer sending resumes out and looking for a new job for the last year and a half. It's been so freeing like the 2 minutes of just floating on the lazy river.

I so want to let God guide and provide, instead of me "making it happen." That is no excuse for laziness for when he calls me to action I'm ready to pounce, but to really be still and wait for HIS call and not my inner demon that wants to "make it happen NOW!"

Well that's what MovedMe about sitting in a little pool noodle seat in 110 degree dry heat on a great little Lazy River in Indio, CA.