Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Major Case of I Wannas

One of our friends does this thing with her kids when they whine about wanting something at the store. She says, "You seem to have a major case of the I wannas right now! Maybe you should think of some things you are thankful for instead."

Well I have a major case of the I Wannas! At first it started out as a need (aka I could save so much on gas) but to be really honest I just want to have a Vespa LX 150 in Excaliber Silver (the one pictured is the right color but it's a 200 or 250).

See the thing is people will say, "I bought a Vespa because I could save on gas"...well how does that work when they cost 5 G's out the door? Even if you saved $200 per month (which I don't think I would since my sweet civic gets 33 MPG) that would take 2 years to get back. So really I would just be taking the gas savings and paying for my I Wannas.

But man it looks so sweet at the dealership! Then I got some bad news...soon everyone who rides a scooter that goes over 30 MPH (the one I want goes 68 according to the owner of the dealership) has to get a motorcycle license.

Oh well...that was fun while it lasted, but I still want one.


Aaron said...

If you do get one, perhaps Greg will let you borrow his sweet pink shirt for when you ride it.