Friday, September 19, 2008

Three DVDs

I've been super busy and now can only right little blurbs about the DVDs I get in the mail! Here are three:

The Apostles of Comedy
Clean Comedy? Yeah, Right!
But Lo And Behold, These Guys Pull It Off

Clean Comedians; oxymoron or possibility? With Apostles of Comedy it is reality. I put the DVD in with all the skepticism the genre of “Clean Comedy” deserves, but very quickly I realized these guys are good!

Wayside School: Season 1
Clever, Entertaining Lessons
The Kind Of Thing You Want In Your Home

We were not sure what to expect when this DVD came to our home along with the book. Was it going to be South Parkish, as cartoons are wont to be right now? We were pleasantly surprised while watching that it was neither raunchy nor stupid!

Transformers Animated: Season 1
Keep It On The TV
Too Much Of A Decent Enough Thing

The storyline is a good one: good versus evil, and the weaker, more noble Autobots conquering the stronger, more selfish Decepticons. But the attitudes and plots are just a little too much for our boys’ age group.

As usual these are teasers from the "full" version on To see the rest click on the hyperlinked title...


jeninslo said...

Oh, would they be appropriate for 6th graders at school? Are they short? I know the reading level is younger, but I plan to use the Sideways Stories for a writing lesson. So I'm wondering if it might be worth it to check out the videos to do and compare/contrast activity.

jeninslo said...

I meant the Wayside School DVDs. I got so excited I forgot to mention that. :p

CoachZ said...

No I understood! I was like she's not talking about Transformers or Apostle's of Comedy I don't think!

You can borrow the Wayside DVDs and book and make up your own mind...I'm not sure Linda and I can handle the pressure of making that decision for you! ;)

jeninslo said...

That would be great! Thank you!