Thursday, October 09, 2008

Morning Surprise!

Here's a bit of a Ruby Update and random stuff...

Ruby has 600 miles on her, so that means I have to take it in to the dealer for it's "break-in" maintenance. My friend AMac thinks that's a crock! But I'm glad break in time is over (aka I can go more than 60 now...don't tell Linda). Seriously I don't go that fast yet. My safety course won't be done until mid-November, which means that's when I'll have my motorcycle license, which means that's when I can go on the freeway and actually go over 60 MPH.

Picture above is from my 2MP phone camera and I just took it. That's her parked outside my work. I usually keep her covered, but I'm going to probably have lunch with my bride and younger son after HomeBuilders so I'll just leave her be till then.

This morning I went to ride in and my neighbor/friend/fellow CalvarySLOer Megan was waiving at me vigorously. I was like wow she's happy to see me or Phil is riding his motorcycle this morning. But it's Thursday and he said he could only ride in on Mon-Wed-Fri. So I dismissed it and rode on in.

A few miles down the road I see a motorcycle behind me and I thought, "Huh wonder if that's Phil." At the stop sign, all of a sudden there he was on my right! So we took a round about way to work...and it was a great surprise to ride in with a friend. I just e-mailed him to see if we can do it again tomorrow, but leave a little earlier and go even more round about, plus have coffee after. We'll see...but that was a great surprise. Thanks Phil!

I've been meaning to do Part V of BatB, but things are kinda crazy. We put new wood floors in our house and while the baseboards were off we painted all the bedrooms. The Men's Advance is this weekend and the week before is always a trying time for me. I hope to do Part V next week. 

Just as a preview I'll be talking about Linda and my first summer together. We actually spent every day that summer together and we got chased by a Ranger in the Pismo Dunes...