Monday, December 01, 2008

A Few DVDs to consider

Prince Caspian
Kind of Like Paper Airplanes
You Can't Go Back, And Maybe You Shouldn't Want To

I obviously love this second edition of the Narnia movies. As I watched it again, on DVD, I focused more on the idea of the children wanting so badly to go back to Narnia. When they do, they realize it’s not the same place they remember…

Jesus Loves A-words
And Thank God They Can Change!

Just because Jesus loves you as you are, does that mean you should stay that way? And by the way, that’s a pretty big assumption, because yes we are in a era of God’s mercy; but there will be a time when Jesus will not be so merciful…

Roman Holiday
Worth the Buy
Paramount Centennial Collection Scores Again

We often place blame on those who we perceive to have failed at a role that should have been our own. Roman Holiday subtly poses the idea that perhaps we have been fashioned for a particular role and have the responsibility to fulfill it.