Thursday, July 28, 2005

Filipino Hockey Player?

I know this has NOTHING to do with movies and if the polls are right you don't care one bit about hockey. (Truth is I have writers block on the movie I'm doing right now.) But I just got back from playing pick-up Roller Hockey at lunch today and I felt like a real player like this guy.

This is Richard Park he's about my height 5'11" (I'm 5'9), weight 190 (most of mine is fat), and he's of Asian descent (Korean, I'm Filipino). Oh, and he shoots right handed, which is rare in the NHL. Thing is he's a real hockey player...But I felt like him today!

I scored 2 goals and had 1 assist and I had many scoring chances as well as setting up a few. One of the goals was particularly sweet...

I took a pass as I was coming down the middle of the rink, there was one defender in front of me who is really good. I stick handled around him to the left, blocked his stick with my right leg as he was trying to poke the puck away, and took a sharp turn right behind him. I then had nothing between me and the goalie but about 6 feet of air! In stride I took a forehand shot to the upper gloveside corner of the net right over the goalies glove. Oh, it was fantastic!

So if the NHL ever decides to totally get rid of defense, referees, and puts 15 year old goalies who play too deep in the net I'm ready! Gretzky was the Great One, Mario Lemieux was the Magnificent One, Sidney Crosby has been hailed the Next One, I can be the Filipino Wan...I know it makes no sense...I'm just giddy. There's just something about Hockey that...MovesMe!


Vern Hyndman said...

Do you all use a puck or a ball?

I shoot left, and I have a theory about why many in the NHL shoot left. Beause we're mostly Canadians, and Canadians learn to use a hockey stick before they learn to play baseball. I think American players are influenced in stick selection by a predisposition based on baseball.

I've been playing hockey for 40 years... and boy am I tired.

Actually, until last year, I was one of those rare players with all of my chicklets... but had a meeting with the boards last year and have a new kinda smile.

Hockey rocks!

James said...

Hey, someone recently told me that hockey was on strike last year. The whole sport went on strike I guess...anyway, did I miss it or something? How come no one told me about the strike? How come I hadn't heard til now? I didn't even know the difference! J/K Pat :) - how's the mother country???