Friday, July 22, 2005

Quick Word on Movie Reviews

Scarecrow was looking for a brain; Tinman a heart. When watching movies is the brain more important or the heart?

I think the overwhelming response to this question in our culture and the "Age of Reason" is the brain. For whatever reason my observation is that we prefer facts, figures, control to feelings, emotion, and ambiguity.

This point is so evident in the Movie Reviews I read. Most contain somewhat interesting information like this movie is about love, family, and honor. (That barely scratches the surface for me.) Also, I find helpful information about the films content to help me judge if I want to see it or not (ie Sex Scenes, Vulgar Themes).

Most though contain a listing of facts about the movie. Where it was filmed, the inconsistencies of the story to the book, and my personal favorite (insert sarcasm here) what the Producer/Director/Writer should have done better. Precious few (critics and movie goers alike) do more than criticize the movie. I fall into the same trap!

The problem with this is we miss the movie's soul (if it has one not all do). We miss a possibly life changing message that only comes from an emotional experience. We miss a chance to connect with other human beings that are trying to portray their point of view through the art of movie making. We miss the chance to feel.

And maybe that's why we like factual and critical reviews. Maybe that's why we like our rational brains more than our hearts. Because it's hard to feel, it's hard to be vulnerable as a movie critic or movie watcher. If you don't believe me look at the question we normally ask after a movie is over. "What did you think about the movie?" versus "How did you feel about the movie?"

One author writing about something else wrote that you can't get to know a cat by dissecting it. You'll just get to know a bunch of facts like it's spleen weighed 1.5 ounces. But you won't get to know it's fun-loving spirit or cute purr. I'd love to say more but that's my Quick Word...

My wife and I, invite you not only to dissect the movies and get to know a bunch of facts about them but to let them speak to you. Then come and blog with us about it...


Marc said...

I continue to enjoy your blogs and your heart to find what touches you. It is a great insight into your character. You deserve the title of "CoachZ".

I have a request: Can you do a review on "Man on Fire"? That would be cool.