Saturday, December 01, 2007

Latest Reviews

Not sure what's up with my logo...I think logomaker's server is down. Here are the last four reviews I've done:

The Namesake
A Stranger in Your Own Country
Memoirs of a Bengali (and Filipino) American

I took two 2-week trips with my white classmates to Chile and Brazil then Japan and Thailand. They only had to feel that discomfort for 4 weeks, but they got a great taste of it! I believe all of us feel something very similar.

Live Free or Die Hard
Ground-Breaking Classic?
McClane Doesn't Give a Rip What You Think!

The list of heroes goes on, from veterans to the stay-at-home mom, or the young pastor that grew a church from a living room Bible Study. These are the people that don’t get enough credit or attention. Yet they go on, being “that guy,” as McClane calls it.

The Princess Bride 20th Anniversary Edition
Finally Some Extra Features
Do Actors Age?

I love this story because of true love, because of God’s unfailing love for me. God knows I’ve doubted it and been unlovable, but no matter what his love never fails me. This story reminds me of that and that’s why it is one of my all time favorite movies.

Rebellion of Thought
Thoughts on Christian Cannablism
Did Jesus tell us it was a free for all on his bride?

I once heard that after a dog has puppies it will sometimes eat one or two of them. I know, gross, huh? But it makes me think of Christians. We often like to devour our own. This documentary, Rebellion of Thought, is not much different.