Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Startdust and Schwartzenegger(sp?)

I wrote a review for Stardust which I saw a few weeks ago at the Drive-In. Apparently it was coming out in DVD today so the editor posted it today.

A Fairy Tale for Adults
They aren't just for kids, you know!

Most fairy tales have a great message, something that speaks to the heart and tells us about life. This fairy tale is no different; it speaks of growing up and putting away childish things: through a fairy tale, no less, which makes it even better!


In other news have you heard of this bill that the Governator signed? It's not cool. Here's some info from my lovely wife. If you go to our Church she will have petitions to sign this Sunday Dec 16th so come by and sign it.

I wanted to let you know about a bill, SB777, that the Governor recently signed into law, effective in January. SB777 could potentially result in changes in curriculum for our public schools, to include positive representations of homosexual, bisexual and transgender lifestyles.
I, personally, have a couple major concerns about these potential changes in curriculum. First, I believe it is a parental right to deem when it is appropriate and when their child is mature enough, to speak to their own children about sexual matters. I believe the Lord has given us the responsibility to protect our children's innocence and not burden them with information that is beyond their years. Second, this type of teaching would be very unbalanced, only seeking to show these lifestyles in a positive light. I have a cousin who chose the gay lifestyle. He left his wife and children, sought gay partners, and he died at a young age from a body ravaged by AIDS. This breaks my heart. And this is truth, yet it would be seen as "hate speech."
So, in light of this, I have acquired some petitions (thank you so much, mom!), and I will have them with me for the next week. I will also make a brief announcement at Homebuilders regarding this issue. Signing the petition would indicate that you want this to be placed on the next ballot so that you, as a citizen, can have the opportunity to vote against it.
To sign the petition, you must...
1. Be a resident of San Luis Obispo County, and
2. Be a registered voter of this county as well.
If you would like more info, Sherry sent me a link... just scroll down this email to read it. Thank you, Sherry!
Also, you can visit this website to view articles and the actual text of the bill.
(This is the bill link... see SEC. 34-44)
The following YouTube video is an example from the It's Elementary video made about a decade or so ago, of how Massachusetts schools implemented the type of curriculum I am concerned about.
Thank you so much for your time. Let's do all we can for the children of California.
In Him,