Sunday, March 30, 2008

Duck Day DooDoo

Eight years ago Saturday, my wife was very pregnant with our 1st son Josh. She decided to go feed the ducks down in Oceano at the Pier St. pond. She had Josh the very next day and she has made tradition of feeding the ducks with Josh, Grandma, and later Jason the day before Josh's birthday.

This year Duck Day ended up being on a Saturday so I was able to go. There weren't very many ducks, but there sure were a lot of Seagulls (aka rats with wings). So we decided to feed them. They decided to...well bomb me with poo.

The above picture is the first attack. I then put my hood on, because there were seagulls everywhere in the air. The picture below is the second bombing. I was holding the Trader Joe's bag in front of my pants and I got this gift.

It was a great time, I was so glad to be able to go with the family. I have to laugh that these seagulls had such a field day pooing on me when all i was trying to do was feed them. It got me thinking about what I do to God. He provides everything I need, not want, but need and I poo on him by complaining or not being thankful.

Lord help me not to be a seagull!

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