Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What MovesMen?

This is my sword. My beautiful bride Linda gave it to me for our 10th Anniversary. It's a constant reminder to war for God's Kingdom, my home and family, as well as Jesus' bride the church.

If you recognize the sword that is because it is an exact replica of Anduril, the sword wielded by Aragorn in the movie version of The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. As a side note we did not tell each other what we were getting, but I bought Linda an exact replica of the pendant Arwen wore in the movies. She is my Evenstar. the reason of this post. When we have guests over to our house for the first time I usually show them the sword, especially if there are men in the group. I'm always amazed at the reaction of the men, or boys.

We could be having a fine conversation very civil, lots of fun and all that, throughout the whole time, but when I break out the sword a transformation comes over them. All of a sudden they are alive, animated and well...engaged. The women for the most part are interested, but the reaction of the males in the room is very evident, they are into the sword.

This always gets me thinking:

  • What is it about a sword or gun (even airsoft!) or weapon that so touches the heart of a man?
  • Why doesn't it touch the heart of a woman in the same way?
  • Is that good or bad or just different?
  • What is the spiritual connection?
Anyways, just something that came up and MovedMe yesterday as we had some special people over that hadn't seen the sword yet. We were having a great conversation and I remembered they hadn't seen it. There was a family there Father/Husband, Mother/Wife, son and daughter. Let's just say there was huge excitement coming from the testosterone side of the family!

Huh...go figure.