Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I Wannas Clarification

Pictured here is the new bike I'm interested in. It's a 2008 Hyosung 250cc Aquila. Hyosung is a Korean motorcycle manufacturer that has been around for 30 years and for much of that they have manufactured Suzuki bikes for much of that time. Many of their bikes are found all over the world...just came to the states in 2000 I believe. Oh, I got my Motorcycle permit today.

Being a man (we only have so many words to say or type) I shortened the conversation I had with Linda in my last post. I wanted to expand, because it was a great blessing!

Let me first set the stage...we had been discussing a financial dilemma and we were wondering what to do over the phone...

Me: We should use some of the vacation pay I'll have left to help out.

Linda: I really think you should use that for something that you want. You've sacrificed so much and learned a great deal about contentment the past 6 years you deserve it.

Me: Silence (well honestly there was a bit of whimpering as I started crying...seriously men cry)

Linda: You still there?

Me: [whimpering some more] uh-huh

Linda: I know you've always wanted a big flat screen TV, who's whimpering in the back ground? Are there baby's there? Or maybe a used Vespa or something?

Me: I'm crying right now [I at least wiped the tears with a whole sheet of Brawny paper towel so that was manly right?]

Linda: Ah hon...I love you. Thanks so much for hanging in there and allowing God to teach you so much, we should figure this financial situation out without that vacation pay out.

Me: I gotta hang up now, because someone is going to walk in to my office and ask me why I'm bawling my eyes out.

I often tell people that Linda is my Ezer Knegdo(sp?) the hebrew word used in Genesis for helpmate (whatever that means). I like the translation life saving companion. She saves me in so many ways, more than most people will ever know this side of heaven.

As men we ought to be doing our duty, taking care of business on the homefront and at our jobs. Sometimes in can be gruelling, sometimes a joy...but mostly gruelling ;) It's been such a joy...a life giving gift really to be able to think about flat screens, a vespa, and now some sort of entry level motorcycle.

Thank you so much my love! I'm so sorry that I have run away with the I wannas a little bit. Linda know that way more than the thing(s) I've looked at purchasing, I treasure that you thought of me...I love you and your heart! Thank you!


g2 said...

PZ…Get the bike, don’t get the bike. For political reasons I will remain neutral on this matter. However, please do not leverage religion nor our current global energy condition as justification for a blatantly obvious “I Wanna”. 70 MPG...right. Do not insult your friends (or your wife) with this sophmoric pedantic prattle. Your (guy) friends see right thru that logic, mainly because we’ve all tried it before. Just man-up and take your mid-life crisis like a...man! Happy ridin’ my friend!

CoachZ said...

nice...I will if you will and i know you know what i mean by that (Santa Maria is not that far away)

g2 said...

Stop taunting me.....I am weak and feeble when it comes to loud man-toys with engines!!

CoachZ said...

taunting taunting...look I really want to hang out with you, but i can't really compete with a loud, smelly, yet super sweet convertible MB...

BTW if you get your permit (assuming you don't have an M1 license) and purchase said loud toy you could ride it home w/o hitting the freeway. I know...I planned it out myself in case i purchased the beautiful Triumph.