Monday, September 01, 2008

Major Case of the I Wannas...continued

If you didn't read my Major Case of I Wannas blog this won't make any sense.

So the I Wannas didn't stop. I'm going to be getting a little bit of money when I switch jobs as a pay out for Vacation earned. Linda and I discussed using that money on something "for me." That got me spinning on what that something might be.

Tops on the list are a big screen TV or a large down payment on a Vespa LX 150. I entertained notions of doing both, but it's just not enough money for both. So I'm stuck with an either or situation.

So I took my Harley ridin' father-in-law to ride one of those Vespa type things. Needless to say he was quite unimpressed. Using words like "squirrly" and "it's a scooter" [said with disdain]. Then he made the error of telling me there were actual motorcyles in the same exact price range that were decent beginner motors.

That got my mind spinning and all of a least for now the big screen is on hold and so is the Vespa.

The above picture is a 2005 Honda 250cc Rebel in Candy Orange paint (I think the only year they offered it). According to most of the reviews I've read (a vast majority women) this baby hauls AND gets up to 70 MPG!!

I'm seriously thinking about it...but there is a lot to think about.

So stay tuned...I have no idea where this Wannas journey will take me, but it sure is fun (at least for me!)

Oh and stay tuned...I think I should have Part IV of BatB in the can in the next couple of days...